Creative Ways To Upgrade Your Wedding Guestbook

What is a Wedding Guest Book?

For those of you who maybe have never been to a wedding before, a guest book is where guests "sign-in" to your wedding. Some have a spot to write something sentimental and the idea is that it is a keepsake to remember your wedding day and all those who came to celebrate.

The Wedding Industry has significantly changed over the last 50 years, the last 15 even! And one of my favorite wedding trends is tossing out the traditional guestbook. I am still a sentimental person though and I like the idea of a keepsake involving all your guests.

So, how do you turn your wedding guest book into something spectacular?

First, google articles like this one or scavenge Pinterest for Inspiration, but try to make sure you find something that really speaks to you as a couple. And if you can, put your own spin on it!

Below is a list of some of my favorite, creative Guest Book Ideas:

1. A New Spin on an Old Trend

I'm sure some of you have seen the trend going around where you sign a heart block and drop it in a shadow box. This is the same concept but with R2D2 blocks dropped in a Millennium Falcon shadowbox!

The nerd in me just squealed with delight upon seeing this and I almost wish I could get married again just so I could use it! If you love this idea as much as I do, check out more of Margo's creations at GuestBookCrafts on Etsy.

2. Love It To Pieces

I personally LOVE puzzles and Dr. Who. If you don't know me yet, I do tend to err on the side of geeky.

But Puzzle Guest Books can come in all shapes and sizes! This Idea would be really easy to personalize and you can keep it as a fun game to play on your anniversary or frame it and hang it on your wall. The options are endless with an idea like this!

This is also a great DIY opportunity. The wooden puzzle pieces are a really nice touch but if you can't afford something handmade like this, do it yourself out of press-board, foam board, or even card-stock. The thinner the material the harder it will be to keep as a puzzle game but it will still look great hanging on your wall and it's a fun way to include your guests in a wedding keepsake.

For more puzzle ideas like these check out them out online or on pinterest. Click the links to see more of The Wooden Geek, LOVE puzzlebook, or the Mr & Mrs Puzzle.

3. Let's Tell A Story Together

This is a fun new spin on an old idea. Having video evidence of well wishers on your wedding day has been done before. You used to have to pay your videographer to follow your guests around all night. Instead, have them say something at the very beginning! This will help make sure you capture everyone and avoid some of the not so sober messages filmed towards the end of the evening....

If you don't have the technology for something like this, you can ask your guests to send it in or create the wedding hastag and compile it all at your leisure.

If you do decide to do something like this, make sure to have someone available to film grandma or great aunt Susie. You want to make sure when you make your wedding choices you're not alienating any of your guests.

4. Trees With Leaves, Who Needs Them

If you've done any research on wedding guest books already, I'm sure you've come across the tree theme. There are trees with thumb prints for leaves or trees with hearts instead of leaves, but what about a tree with no leaves?

This is more artistic and the finished product looks like a print you could buy just to hang on your wall. The beautiful thing about alternative guest books like these is that they double as decor for your new life as a married couple!

5. So The Adventure Begins

Are you and your SO big travel junkies? Or maybe you just really like the look of globes? Then this guest book has your name written all over it.

Selah Grace Designs is a custom Calligrapher on Etsy. She can write whatever you'd like on on a globe and it will look epic!

This type of guest book can help you and your new spouse remember that you've promised to give each other the world. It will also serve as a reminder of all the people in your life as a couple who are there cheering you on and supporting you in your marriage.

Remember to pick something that really represents you and brings you both joy!

6. Drop The Beat and Let's Boogy

Do you and your honey share a love for great music? Is your favorite thing to do together to crank up the jams? Or maybe you met in band. Then celebrate that with one of these super cool guest book ideas! Your wedding day should be one of your greatest hits in the Billboard of your life together so have fun with it!

Find these online at: Tinkled Pink Brides, Plan A Wedding Now, SaraAart, and TheStudioByNFD.

7. I'm Sew In Love, Are You?

All you need to keep you warm is love...and your wedding guest book QUILT!

This couple had all their guest respond to their invitations with a square piece of fabric and then the pieces were made into a quilt!

Even better, have your guests use fabric markers and sign the squares with well wishes.

This is a romantic, sentimental, and very practical wedding keepsake. Every time you snuggle up under this blanket it will remind you of your special day and all the reasons you fell for your partner.

8. Still Really Want A Guest "Book"?

A big reason why the traditional wedding guest book has been dying out over the last couple decades has been because couples never go back and look at them again. If you still really want a book for people to sign, why not make it a photo book?

You can use photos from your engagement session or photos you've taken over the course of your relationship thus far. This kind of book takes me back to signing yearbooks in school, but instead of have a great summer it's have a great life!

9. My Favorite

As an avid book reader, I fell in love with SaraAart's Library Themed Wedding Guest Book. I made it my own by putting an drawing of my cake toppers on there and it brings me joy every time I see it. I can honestly say everyone at my wedding loved this wedding book. They really felt like it spoke to our shared love of stories and it fit in well with our personalities and with our wedding!

Honorable Mentions

You can find these on Pinterest or online at: Z Create Design, BRIDES, AGILSHOME, Elegant Wedding Invites, Miss Design Berry, & Emmaline Bride.

Whatever you decide to do for your guest book, just remember to have fun! Planning a wedding can be stressful but it should also be fun!

If you need help planning your wedding or design advice, send me a message through my website or find me on social media!

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