The Dragon Lover's Dream Continues...

Only a few months into Managed by Meg's second year and we've been published!!!

Chrysa Keenon wrote a lovely article about my first ever style shoot and included some of my favorite pictures taken that day. If you'd like to see more about that article click here. Wedding Day Magazine posts so many amazing weddings and style shoots on their blog every day and I am over the moon that my shoot made it in the mix!

However, they only have so much room to showcase each beautiful event so I've decided to share the rest with you here on my blog. Now, I'm no Chrysa Keenon and as you can see I don't blog very often, but I just can't keep all these beautiful pictures to myself.

If you're still on the fence about which photographer to hire, check out Nate Photography. He took my style shoot and made it magical, just see for yourself...

The most fun part of planning any wedding for me is all the little details. I enjoy watching an idea come to life! This whole style shoot blossomed out of a conversation I had with the wonderful Megan Ritz the owner of Classic Cakes. We were bonding over our love of nerdy things and we decided we should do a Style Shoot together and she wanted to make a dragon cake.

I didn't know exactly what she was planning to make but as you can see above it turned out even better than I could have imagined! I wanted to incorporate gold because that's what dragons do - they hoard gold, right? Megan really wanted to make purple dragons and I thought black and gold would complement purple dragons really well. So she incorporated the geode style that is so popular right now and I think it turned out amazing.

That's a lesson for all you engaged couples out there... it's your wedding day but the professionals you're hiring do this every day. Let them give you their expertise.  They should take your ideas and enhance them to make them even more spectacular!

That was even more true when I turned to PSR Designs for the invitations. At first I was obsessed with the idea of including the dragons in the invitations. But as we worked on it, Pauline reminded me that the dragons weren't the backdrop, the couple was.

I love nerdy couples that include what they love in their wedding designs, but make sure you don't let your theme overshadow yourselves as a couple.

Pauline did a fantastic job creating an elegant invitation that any dragon would want in it's hoard. She even made smaller matching RSVPs that are almost too cute to send back!

When choosing the rings for this styled shoot I had to go with my favorite place to buy jewelry, ShaneCo. Having purchased my own rings from Shane Company I wasn't surprised that they quickly found me the perfect set of rings to complement this style shoot.

Unfortunately for me it worked out that we were shooting this right in the middle of February. I'm not sure if you know this...but Florists are kinda busy during February. All of my absolute favorite florists were just too swamped to dedicate the time to providing me with flowers for this shoot.

However, it worked out because now you get to see that even DIY silk flowers can look amazing too!

Together my sister-in-law and I turned these silk flowers (purchased at Michaels) into some beautiful centerpieces. We created three smaller pieces and one more extravagant to showcase at the head table. And it only took us one evening and a few glasses of wine!

As for the Bouquet, I had some fun making a brooch bouquet. They've been more popular recently and what screams dragon themed wedding more than a gold brooch bouquet!

Gretchen's Bridal picked out the most perfect dress for us. This dress couldn't have been more perfect if it was designed specifically for this shoot!

OMG that dress, am I right?!

We also partnered with Gretchen's for our Groom's Tux. If you want your groom to look good, Reynolds Tux Shop (located inside Gretchen's Bridal Gallery) won't steer you wrong.

As this is a Style Shoot and not a real wedding, our bride and groom are models (provide by Legacy Models LLC) and they are of course both gorgeous straight off the street, but every Bride needs to be pampered on her special day so we chose True Colors Indy for hair and makeup.

Now you can't have a style shoot, much less a wedding, without a fabulous venue. With a gorgeous ballroom, a fantastic barn, and the most helpful staff you could ask for why wouldn't you get married at The Freedom Barn.

That gorgeous rustic head table with the majestic candelabras was provided by non-other than Atmospheres Indy. They also provided the gorgeous gold garden chairs for our head table and that fantastic copper arch!

The officiant you see there is my friend Lesley Acevedo, owner of Indy Get Married. She is one of my favorite officiant's out there because not only is she bilingual but she's also down for whatever crazy ideas you have for your wedding.

She will even marry you on a helicopter or in a hot air balloon!

Last but certainly not least there is me, your friendly neighborhood wedding planner. My goal for Managed by Meg is to help you bring your style and your ideas to life. I hope this style shoot shows you a little of what I can do when it comes to decor, but more importantly that it takes a team to make the wedding of your dreams come true.

I can help you find and harness your very own amazing vendor team and together we'll make your dreams come true!
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